Parking Info

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Dear Bender’s Customers,


             As many of you know, Bender’s has worked with the company that owns and manages the parking lot directly next to the restaurant for 30+ years to provide free and validated parking for all of our valued customers. Most of you have parked in that lot many times over the years and have never paid. Unfortunately, that parking lot is under new management and we no longer have an agreement with the new owners.


At this point, the new managers, Air Garage, are not willing to work with Bender’s on a new monthly lease to provide free parking for our patrons. They are enforcing paid parking 24 hoursa day, 7 days a week. If you park in the lot immediately next to Bender’s you must now pay at all times. Air Garage is using a text by phone system, or  an app system for users of the lot to pay upon arrival. You will not see an attendant upon entering the lot. Instructions on how to pay, or download the app, are posted on the former attendant’s garage. Air Garage pays someone to come and scan people’s license plates throughout the day to see if they have paid to park. The cost to park is currently $2 per hour, and the fine for not paying is $42. From our understanding people do not have to pay this fine, although if your vehicle is ticketed in any lot they own throughout the Nation it will possibly be towed or “booted” for repeat offenders. Please note that the City of Canton is not ticketing cars in this lot, but rather the owners of the lot.


All of us at Bender’s and the City are working on solutions to this unfortunate situation, and we apologize that it is happening during the holidays, our busiest time of the year. Below are some additional parking options if you do not wish to park in the lot. Thank you for your understanding and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. 


For Dinner starting at 4:00 PM and after:

1.       Park anywhere on the streets for free after 4:00 PM – see map below for all of the available street parking options

2.      Park in the lot directly between Bender’s and Crossroads Methodist Church for free. Access to this lot is from Tuscarawas street only. (After 5:00 PM only)

3.      Park in the normal lot directly next to Bender’s and pay via app or Text $2 per hour.


For Lunch 11:00 AM-4:00 AM

1.      Park anywhere on the streets for .75 per hour (Please let your server  know and we will refund that parking fee at the meters only)

2.      Park in the normal lot directly across from Bender’s and pay via app or Text $2 per hour.