12 Must-Eats in Stark County 2011

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From About Magazine | April 19, 2011

By Dan Kane and Jennifer Mastroianni | Photos By Bob Rossiter and Julie Botos

Shortage of stellar bites in Stark County? Hardly. But if you are looking to add a few more outstanding edibles to your list of favorites, look no further. Our foodies dish up their picks for must-eat foods in Stark County. Of the dozen delectables, their choices range from lobster tails to a snickerdoodle cookie to Thanksgiving dinner. Bon appétit!

Plate of Lobster EntreeBender’s Tavern Lobster

When it comes to one coveted crustacean, bigger is not always better.

“In the world of lobster, the older they get, the less flavor they have,” explains Jon Jacob, general manager of Bender’s Tavern in downtown Canton.

That is why Bender’s lobster entree ($39.99) features two 4-oz. tails instead of one big one. Lobster locale also plays a part in sweeter meat. “Cold water tails tend to have a little more flavor than warm water tails,” Jacob said. “Which is why we offer South African cold water tails.”

The shellfish is cooked under a broiler, with the meat presented atop the shells for easy access. Lemon wedges and drawn butter are all you need for this sumptuous seafood experience, and the perfect accompaniments are a simple tossed salad and crispy golden Bender fries.

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